Employees do not leave the job, they leave their boss

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Employees do not leave the job, they leave their boss

Although some people may disagree with this statement, the most widespread reason why many people quit their jobs is because of their relationship with their manager. That’s why it’s so important for a company to know how to balance professionalism and empathy.

A consistent balance of both is achieved when supervisors who celebrate the success of their employees are also interested in those who are going through a challenging phase.

Managers who do not maintain a good climate of dialogue with their employees will always have high dismissal rates, since for a talented employee it is impossible to enthusiastically work eight or more hours for someone who cares nothing more than job performance.

This situation is aggravated when the employee comes from a foreign country, since he is faced with additional problems such as the language barrier (and its misunderstandings), distance from his colleagues with the consequent lack of cooperation, etc., which without the support and empathy of his supervisor he will hardly be able to overcome.

For employees who wish to grow in their careers, the lack of challenges also leads them to look for them in other companies that offer them. A talented employee with a desire to excel will not stay long in a job that does not challenge him or her to implement the best of himself or herself.

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