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Recruiting of qualified professionals from abroad

The increasing shortage of skilled professionals in Austria is a problem that companies with high quality standards are currently facing. To deal with this shortage, most of these companies try to fill vacancies by recruiting skilled workers from abroad.

Opportunities for further development of the employee

On the surface, this appears to be the perfect solution to the problem. The companies offer the employees a salary that, compared to the average salary in their home country, is quite appealing. A job in a prestigious company, which allows the employee to grow professionally and offers other benefits such as a company car, makes the opportunity even more attractive. However, despite the attractiveness of the offer, potential employees are often reluctant to leave their home country.

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Adaptation to the Austrian work dynamics

In most cases, this hesitancy is due to the cultural background of potential employees. The thought of moving to a foreign country with an official language that they do not speak well is intimidating for many people. In many cultures, people also have strong social roots. Moving to a foreign environment without the support of their family members and a network of contacts is a challenge that lots of people are unwilling to face on their own.
Der Grund für dieses Zögern hat meistens einen kulturellen Hintergrund. Der Umzug in ein fremdes Land, dessen Amtssprache viele Menschen nicht beherrschen, ist für viele Menschen einschüchternd. Viele Kulturen haben auch starke soziale Wurzeln. Für viele von ihnen ist der Umzug in eine fremde Umgebung ohne die Unterstützung ihrer Familie und ihres Kontaktnetzes eine Herausforderung, die nur wenige bereit sind sich selbst zu stellen.

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The role of cultural competence

At a time when a welcoming culture is becoming more and more important, companies that work with a relocation partner also present an image of a company that has a cosmopolitan labor policy, is open to the world and is focused on ensuring its employees can enjoy a smooth transition into their new environment.

A company that makes a relocation service available to new employees clearly proves that it is committed to supporting them right from the outset.

How can Sista Relocation support your company?

Fast immigration process

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Settling the employee and their family quickly into their new home

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Smooth and quick employee onboarding

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Taking strain off the HR department and providing regular reports to ensure a close and Relief of the HR department and close and effective working relationship

The greatest advantage that Sista Relocation offers to companies is quickly and successfully integrating new employees into their new company and ensuring they can get started without worrying about other matters.

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We ensure that your new employees integrate successfully and are soon ready for work
We ensure that your new employees integrate successfully and are soon ready for work.