About us

Maria Pilar Nicolas Trillo


As a Spaniard who has lived in Austria for more than 20 years now, I have witnessed the steady flow of Spanish immigrants who have wanted to build a better future for themselves in Austria for a number of reasons. I have watched both singles and families – workers, academics and technical specialists – as they have tried to create a new life for themselves here. As a fully integrated citizen, I have always been happy to pass on tips to my compatriots and provide personal assistance when necessary. Some have made it here, while others have failed and have returned, disappointed, to Spain with even less hope for the future.

These experiences inspired me to take the initiative and tackle this problem professionally. I therefore decided to found a company that helps academics and technical professionals to relocate and integrate into their new country. The company’s activities will begin in Austria and develop through a network of contacts.

Social skills, empathy and passion for my work are the cornerstones of the company. Many years of experience in office management, coupled with my migrant background, guarantee the successful integration of your employees. My language skills (Spanish, French, English and German), as well as my professional experience and thorough knowledge of Austria’s administrative system that I have accumulated throughout the years ensure that I am ready to take on this responsibility.

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