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Many questions arise when you move

Working abroad can be challenging, but it also can be an exciting experience, especially if it comes with an attractive salary and the possibility to advance your professional development. However, the thought of moving to a foreign country can also cause concern and unease.

There is a lot to think about, and if you do not have an advisor at your side who is familiar with the social structure of the country, the legal regulations of the country, as well as everyday life in general, even the smallest wrong decision can lead to problems.
Viele Fragen tauchen auf, und wenn Sie keinen Berater an Ihrer Seite haben, der sich mit der sozialen Struktur des Landes, den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen und dem Alltagsleben im Allgemeinen auskennt, kann selbst die kleinste Fehlentscheidung Anlass für Probleme werden.

Our experts will answer all your questions

Sista Relocation answers any questions you have and handles all the necessary steps, from the immigration process to settling into your new home. We do everything necessary to make your move as smooth and quick as possible.

Sista Relocation will organize your settlement quickly and competently

The immigration process can be a never-ending maze of formalities with authorities, obtaining translations, getting various documents together, making appointments, filling out forms in a foreign language; the list goes on. This is where Sista Relocation supports you and ensures that everything is handled efficiently, without unnecessary added stress. We even begin the process before you arrive, so that you can feel confident that everything will be handled successfully.

In a few days you will be able to feel at home

Sista Relocation's services are very diverse and are tailored according to your individual needs. They cover all issues that could come up when moving to a new country: the immigration process, the logistics of the move, find the right accommodation and negotiating the rental contract, handling utility contracts and insurance, registering children at local schools, health insurance for the family, cultural training, and orientation tours, opening a bank account, arranging entry for the family pet and much more.

Sista Relocation prides itself on providing each of its clients with personal support tailored to their individual needs.

How can Sista Relocation support/help you as you prepare to move to Austria?

Operating costs

Firsthand personal and virtual advice for any inquiry

Minimize hotel stays

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Housing search with experience in the real estate market

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Assistance when dealing with the authorities

Assistance in filling out forms, negotiating and reviewing contracts, coordinating rent, deposit, and real estate commission payments

Providing contact to banks, insurance companies, tax advisors and other English-speaking professionals

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It’s simple: if you ever have any questions, just ask -we’ll find the answer!
It’s simple: if you ever have any questions, just ask -we’ll find the answer!