Linz: First impressions

Fountain and column on Linz's main square

Linz: First impressions

Mozart, skiing and Schönbrunn. As an outsider taking a brief look into Austria, it’s easy to find the parts of the country that maintain a connection to a bygone era, from traditional clothing such as lederhosen to charming old-style pubs and churches.

Yet when you move to Linz, what immediately strikes you is the modernity of the city and its surrounding area of Upper Austria. The annual Ars Electronica Festival is a showcase for innovation and attracts creative minds from all around the world. 2018 is set to be no different, with this year’s topic of “Error: the Art of Imperfection” examining our relationship to mistakes and new ideas in art and technology. The Lentos Art Museum offers its visitors modern and contemporary art with paintings from Klimt and Schiele amongst other famous names, while a lively music scene ranges from local hip-hop groups such as Texta and Hinterland (perfect for learning Austrian dialect!) to concerts with The National and Chvrches.

This is not to paint Linz as a futuristic city; however, moving to the city gives you an immediate sense of energy and progress. And if you fancy some time enjoying the beauty that Austria has to offer, you have the Kalkalpen National Park and the Salzkammergut on your doorstep. You’ll soon see that the country has a lot more to offer than you may have expected!

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