“The good old days”

A man looks through binoculars

“The good old days”

2020 has stopped us to think. It is allowed to be worried about uncertainty. The problem with scary things is that we are not good at reacting to them. We fear what we don’t understand. And what we fear, we seek to control. Basically, that is what this panic is all about: coping with the fear. Fear is natural, but do not let it control you because this would spell doom. We must act with our common sense.

The sad side about the pandemic lock-down is that many companies are crashing and consequently the unemployment is rising. However, brilliant minds as founders are the best at trying again instead of giving up. Take them as a role model and face the truth: things not used to be better. In Austria, we are blessed to have the chance and possibilities to become what we want. Instead of war, we have the greatest extent of freedom to fulfil ourselves. Take 2020 as a chance and look at the bright side. While others are complaining you shall take the opportunity to learn from the current experiences.

“Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will.” – Venus Williams

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