What can you do in Linz on hot days?

Sun shines through tree crown

What can you do in Linz on hot days?

The weather keeps breaking records across Europe, so it’s a good job that there are plenty of places to keep cool in Linz and Upper Austria! Take a look at our tips on where to enjoy the summer days.

The topic of this year’s Höhenrausch, which can be found in the centre of town and provides stunning views over the city, is very appropriate: water. As well as providing a range of interesting displays, you can enjoy a sprinkling of water on the top of the exhibition. The Moviemento Summer cinema can also be found in the same area, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone on one of these fine summer evenings!

As you move away from town and down towards the river, you have a few choices as to where to go next. The Danube beach has recently been expanded and is very popular, while you can also enjoy a drink in one of the popular bars along the waterfront, such as the Biergartl in Urfahr. Or if you’re with a larger group, the Sandburg on the Untere Donaulände offers a lively atmosphere.

For dog lovers, the summer can be tricky as many bathing areas do not allow dogs. However, Pregarten-Kriehmühle (north-east of Linz, a little beyond Gallneukirchen) is a wonderful exception to this rule. With plenty of shade and water, it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your pooch.

And finally – the lakes. Austria is blessed with beautiful spots for nature enthusiasts, and Linz is no different. You can’t beat an afternoon at Pichlingersee or Pleschingersee in this heat and there are some additional lakes a little further afield if you’re feeling adventurous. Traunsee and Attersee are only around one hour away and are sure to take your breath away – so what are you waiting for?

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