CoV traffic light lights up

a red-lit traffic light on a blue background

CoV traffic light lights up

As of today, the Corona traffic light system will be put into force. A first trial run and the assignment of colour from green (low risk) to red (very high risk) was tested in a trial run one week ago. The aim of the traffic light is to show the population at first glance – similar to avalanche warnings – with “red over orange and yellow to green” how high the corona risk is at the federal level and in the individual federal states. It is intended to simplify classification and thus indicate to the regional health authorities what measures need to be taken to contain a further deterioration of the situation. Examples of such measures would be compulsory wearing of masks in different rooms, the prohibition of events or home office for professional groups.

Four factors are used for each classification: the infection figures for the last seven days, hospital capacity, the proportion of positive tests and the rate of clarification of the origin of the infections. A commission is to issue a weekly recommendation on the epidemiological situation in the districts on this basis. Politicians will then decide on the consequences. However, an identical colour in district X and district Y does not necessarily mean the same measures in both districts. Moreover, traffic light colours can lead to certain measures in the school system.

  • Green: No danger, hardly any infections.
  • Yellow: Infections can be assigned to clear clusters and the situation is stable.
  • Orange: High risk, it is no longer possible to clearly assign all infections to clusters and the number of infections increases.
  • Red: Infections are rising sharply, more than half of the infections can no longer be assigned to clusters and hospitals are reaching their limits.

Allegedly Linz, Graz, Kufstein and Vienna are set to yellow. How exactly the gradation for the colour scale will be introduced is still open. Until then the traffic light should be seen as a guide. Next Friday, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and the spokeswoman of the Corona Commission, Daniela Schmid, will present the start of the Corona traffic lights.

After all, the basic principles will stay:

  • cough into the crook of your arm
  • wash your hands regularly
  • keep distance (at least 1 m)
  • avoid crowds of people
  • wear mouth & nose protection (in all public transport, when entering food retailing, petrol stations, post and banks, for employees in contact with customers, if the distance cannot be maintained, in contact with risk groups, etc.)
  • ventilate regularly

Exceptions are children under 6 years and people who cannot wear mouth & nose protection due to health reasons.

Measures and consequences are regularly communicated by the Commission and politicians. It is also possible to keep up to date by visiting ‘’. Stay healthy!

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