Welcome to Austria

City with residential buildings, river and crane

Welcome to Austria

Hello and welcome to the blog of Sista Relocation, Linz’s first relocation company! Here, you will find information about our work and life in Austria for expats, as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most of residing here.

As a Spaniard who has lived in Austria for over 20 years, I have got to know plenty of my compatriots who have moved here to create a better future for themselves and their families. While some have achieved this, it was the negative experiences of others that motivated me to found Sista Relocation. Drawing on my know-how and an extensive network of contacts, I want to make relocating to Linz and Upper Austria as easy as possible and take the stress away so that expats can enjoy everything the area has to offer.

At Sista Relocation, we help companies and their new employees during the most difficult phase of the relocation process and support staff members as they settle into their new lives in Austria. We find the best housing offers on the property market for our customers, including accommodation for short-term stays, and the perfect schools for their children, including special needs schools. We also find German courses for school and work and even find the best mobile phone contracts! We accompany you when you have to sign contracts and visit the authorities and are happy to translate for you so that you can hand over your documents without any worries. We also help the partners of expats to find jobs because we know that it’s important that the whole family integrates smoothly and successfully. And if you’re planning to leave Austria and move home, we’re happy to coordinate your return!

On our Facebook and Twitter pages, you can also find regular updates about upcoming events in Linz and Upper Austria, as well as videos and information about life here. If you’re looking for a relocation partner or have any questions, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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