Cultural briefing

When you move to a new country, there’s lots to adapt to and discover. Sista Relocation supports its customers in various areas.

Once our customers have settled into their new life, they have a great deal to try out and explore. We provide advice and information about diverse activities to make sure that expats get off to a good start.

Language Courses

We know that languages open many doors, which is why we have a list of language schools and private teachers for you to choose from according to your current language skills and calendar. We can also register you for a language course at your request.

Cultural introduction

Your personal adviser gives you an introduction to the social and cultural background of daily life here, as well as customs and traditions, etiquette, efficient administration and everyday matters.

Sightseeing tour

Knowing the city and its history will make it easier for you to appreciate its culture and facilitate the integration process. We’d be happy to organise a sightseeing tour of the city for you so that local experts can take you off the beaten track and answer your questions.