Linz, oh Linz

Lights reflected in the Danube and the Lentos of Linz.

Linz, oh Linz

Linz is country, Linz is city. Linz is nature, Linz is industry.
We walk along the Danube. Colourful graffiti pictures adorn the old, grey harbour walls. Young and old, people and dogs meet here. The last evening traffic fights its way over the Nibelungen Bridge. Pöstlingberg, the high hill guards the city with its dragons and gnomes. The sun bids farewell to the day and the moon welcomes the starry night.

Coloured lights of the Lentos and Ars Electronica Center are reflected in the water. We arrive at the main square and leave the Danube behind us. A cool wind blows around our ears, winter announces itself. In front of us, the Trinity Column (Dreifaltigkeitssäule) among glowing shooting stars, pompous Christmas baubles and Christ children. The fresh scent of fir trees mingles with sweet Christmas biscuits. One shop window is more splendidly decorated than the other. The numerous cafés and confectioners compete for baked goods. Lights here, lights there.

What to expect from Linz

Linz has long ceased to be the grey mouse among Austria’s cities. The dynamic city combines the city with country life. Upper Austria’s capital scores with a wide range of offers for families, for young adults, as well as for the young at heart seniors. The tram connects people from the university, through the industry, to hospitals and shopping centres. The Johannes Keppler University, which is currently undergoing modern renovation and expansion, is providing a future for more and more students. In the large Plus City, you will find everything your heart desires: large chain stores, a cinema, bowling alleys and restaurants.

Not far from the urban hustle and bustle, there are endless paths along the Danube, inviting you to go for a walk or a bike ride. Mountains, forests, meadows and parks provide space to let off steam and linger. In summer, the most beautiful lakes can be reached by short car rides, and in winter, the highest ski areas. Moreover, animals can not only be marvelled at in the zoo but can also be found in private homes and gardens. In addition, Linz is a paradise for bright minds with business ideas. Artists and lovers of music, theatre or the arts are drawn here. There are cultural meetings, films in every language and international schools. Arrivals from all over the world are welcomed in English on every corner. Linz, yes, Linz is a good place to live.

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