Talent promoters meet opportunity takers

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Talent promoters meet opportunity takers

Who hasn’t been to the south and has been able to inhale the southern lifestyle? Wide beaches, 300 days of sunshine a year, a stress-free life, delicious food from regional or even own products, relaxed, cordial people everywhere you look … Why should you give that up? Would you? What would be so tempting that you would leave this lifestyle for a few months, years or even forever? Doesn’t that sound paradoxical?

A person who has the above-average talent and is burning for a certain area but ticks differently, he wants to grow, learn, face challenges and achieve everything in the area he can achieve in this life. This is what defines his passion. If he doesn’t find that where he is right now, he will look elsewhere. This is something that not many executives and human resources managers understand. Only companies with a vision will accompany these people on their way to their dreams – and benefit from his talent. These people don’t need a fruit basket, Pilates trainers or company events. They want to work for companies that smooth their path and give them the opportunity to grow further to create great things.

What talented people want is support to pursue their passion!

Looking for an apartment in a foreign city, the immigration process, the utility contracts, and worse still, arguing with the landlord about defects! All this will overwhelm such a person and before this personal Mount Everest, he could miss the chance of an exciting job. That only costs time and nerves! “Maybe there is still something to be found in the home country …”

For various reasons, he will most likely not be able to develop his full potential at home. Be it because of a lack of financial resources or because there are no adequate, progressive installations or the necessary know-how. For whatever reason, what a waste of talent that is urgently needed here in Austria!

HHRR often cannot cover the scope of relocation due to time, logistics and expert reasons. There are many interpersonal factors involved in looking after an expat. For a relocation consultant, the focus is on the individual and his or her primary needs. He will accompany the expatriate through the relocation, installation and adaptation process so that he can adapt effortlessly to his new life. He is also accompanied in everyday life with empathy and know-how. The new employee can concentrate on his work right from the start and do what is important to him: create great things!


And we are proud to have made our contribution. That is the motto of Sista Relocation:

Use Work to touch lives every day

-Oprah Winfrey-


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